* From : Phil Feather.                                                                         To : Dave at Jary
Custom.                                                                Re : Custom Alto Mouthpiece. Aug. 11,
1999.                                                   Hi Dave ; I got the alto mouthpiece over the weekend. It really
screams. Thanks! The past two days I was working on a recording ,for Sony, of a new young singer from
Australia. His Name is Tim Draxl. I guess he is the next Harry Conick Jr. . Peter Matz did the charts.
Wonderful. Great Big Band. Gary Foster on Alto. I  play a reasonable amount of studio work, records and TV
mostly. The movie gigs are much tougher to get because people hold on to them. When the new Buzz  
Lightyear cartoon airs it has my oboe on the animated video that will be released. I play second alto on Bill
Watrous Big Band recordings of the last decade, 3 of them I think. Also some work with Broadway Singers in
New York and so on. Take Care, Phil Feather.                                             
 * From: Jan Garai
 To: Jary Custom
 Re: The Slant Signature Link.`    

 Hey David....The Slant Signature Link is the best hard rubber Link I have ever played. I just want to know,
 do you have another one to customize for me? Will you expect any?
  ******   Five moths later Jan Garai writes:

 I just got back from Andalusia Spain where I was doing a European tour with local bands. But an unfortunate
 thing happened while I was there. I got my horn, my Slant signature Tone Edge made by you and everything
 stolen in my hotel room. This is a real emergency. I have a couple of other mouthpieces, but nothing like the
slant you did up for me. That was the Best piece. Please find another one and do the works on it. Thank you.
*On Wed. , February 8, 2006 Ebay member u-boat writes:
   "Love my new metal Otto Link N.Y. mouthpiece! By the way, how much do you charge to replate a
bari sax metal mouthpiece? "
* On Sat., February 11, 2006 Angelo Valenti writes:

  Hi, Good news, the mouthpiece came today to my surprise, didn't expect it till mon. or Tues. . You were right.
This piece is very free blowing up and down the horn and has plenty of volume when needed and can be husky in
the low end and not thin on the high end. I can bend noted as if it were a much bigger tip opening. I;'ll give it a
workout Mon. night with one big band and Tues. night with another. This cuts through much better than my #9
Link STM. I am happy how things worked out. Thanks again.
*On Friday March 3 Tom Bliss writes:
saw one of your modified Link N.Y. Super Tone Masters on an archive off Ebay. Would have loved to snag that
beauty! Can you give me a quote to take an Otto Link metal 5* N.Y. model and open it up, fix the rails, table, baffle
etc. .It will be for a talented 7th grader playing a beat up 1960's Conn 10M. Not to bright. we want to retain the
traditional Link sound and blend with his brother who plays a 1935 CONN 6m with a rich dark sound. Thanks,
Tom Bliss
* From ; Skip Gailes at Old Dominion University.  
To: Jary Custom
Re: Otto Link
David,  I am a member of the jazz faculty at Virginia Commonwealth University and have been performing 6-7 days
a week for 30 years. I 'll pay up to $600.00 if you can hook me up with a good N.Y. Super Tone Master.     
*****   Two weeks later Skip writes:             
David Jary ! You are a man of your word. This is not a mouthpiece. It is an heirloom. I didn't really believe it
would be this good. I thought you were doing the used car salesman thing. I put a glowing recommendation on
Ebay and if I get to Queensbury I'll try to drop by. Appreciation, Skip Gailes.
* On July 23, 2000 Larry Ballow  writes:                                                                                 
Dave: The soprano piece is incredible. Just as I imagined it would be. Thank you!! Haven't tryed the Brilhart
yet, but will let you know. Still interested in a Bari Sax piece.  Larry.     

 ***On July 25, 2000 Larry writes:
Dave:   Once again you amaze me...the master craftsman...the Brilhart 7* is amazing. However, will store for
now. Like the HR you sent me too. Thanks for the reed wet-sanding instructions. Sincerely,
* From: Joe Whiting                      
To: David Jary of Jary Custom  
Re: Like the Link!  Feb. 11, 2002            

Hi Dave ; totally amazed that a plastic reed sounds smoother, warmer and more responsive than any of my cane.
Thanks for the tip on Bari plastic reeds. It even calmed my Sugal down. also; the custom Link job you did for me
sounds great and I highly recommend your services to anyone looking for mpc. work. Now what do I
do with pounds of cane? All my best, Joe.
* From :  Lee Havens
To: Dave at Jary Custom
Re : Custom Link Tenor mpc.

  Hi Dave I bought a really cool hard rubber customized piece from you more than a year ago. Are you still
doing that kind of work? Evey now and again I see on Ebay that you have metal Otto Links that you
have customized with a baffle and other modifications. please let me know when you will have another one
because I will buy one. I will need a .110" or thereabouts. Thanks, Lee Havins.
* From : Angel Melendez
To: Jary Custom
Re : Vito Mouthpiece

Hey !! The mouthpiece arrived. It was great doing business with you. Positive feedback on Ebay profile is FOR
SURE!! Thanks again man!! Angel.
* From: Lee Havins
To: Jary Custom

Hey Dave,
Just wanted to let you know the mouthpiece you made for me just gets better and better. I wouldn't
part with it at any price. Everybody who has heard it is impressed although many had a hard time believing it
was the mouthpiece making the difference. I think I could use your mouthpiece to sell mediocre old horns at
high prices if I were so inclined. It seems to make any horn sound a lot better. Last month I participated in a
week long Jamey Abersold workshop in Louisville and I gave one of  your cards to everybody who seemed
interested. I gave some out at the University where I am auditioning also   I got some reed I like from  Gene
Walker who played with a lot of early blues bands. Now he is a big time jazzer. So anyway... I hope you are
selling a lot of mouthpieces. Most people don't realize that the mouthpiece makes that much difference and they
struggle along with the same old store bought varieties. Never mind an expensive horn. I'll spend $129.00 to
$225.00 on one of your mouthpieces and $500.00 on the sax instead of $5,000.00. Keep up the good work.      
-    Lee
* From: Larry Ballow, Staten Island, New York
To:  Dave Jary at Jary Custom
Re: Johnston-Selmer   July 02, 2000   

Hi Dave ; Gotta tell ya I love the Johnston Selmer. Love the sound and intonation, but I may have you lower
the baffle just a bit. Thanks, Larry

         ****On July 4th Larry writes:

The more I play the piece the more I like it. It has a different timbre and overtone qualities than the metal
mouthpieces I have tryed. Now I want to try wet sanding my own Bari brand tenor sax reeds as you suggested. I
like the resistance and the piece plays so well one can use different reeds. Thanks again. I'll send the soprano
piece this weekend. Yours, Larry
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* From : Bo Pep
To : Dave at Jary Custom
Re : Runyon Spoiler MPC. . July 03, 2000            

Dave, I know a  trombone player by the name of Bill Palmer from your area in New York. We were in the original
Commodores together. He is probably now retired from the Disney World Band in Orlando Fla.  Do you know him
by any chance?  I just recorded a CD with my quartet in Bangkok. I played in Asia for 5 months this past winter. I
played with Kenton in the early sixties. I just got back into music full time, but did a lot of back-up playing on
recordings over the years. I rarely buy a mouthpiece that has already been worked on because I do my own work,
but I made an exception this time. I like what you did with this Runyon Spoiler
Fraternally, Bo.